Comparative Food & Agriculture Systems

Kansas State University and its international partners offer this internet-based course focusing on business and economics of food and agriculture from around the world for undergraduate and graduate students.

The 3-credit hour course is delivered by professors from across the globe. You will visit the European Union, Russia and the Former Soviet Union, MERCOSUR, East Asia, South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania. A K-State faculty member will facilitate the course with virtual classroom guest lectures from international faculty with years of industry experience.

The course will allow you to examine the historical development, the current situation, and the future outlook of food and agriculture from leading experts around the world without leaving the comfort of the classroom.

Comparative advantage is an important skill future food and agribusiness professionals need.

The course will give you the background to evaluate the current situation of the food and agricultural economy in world regions, critically discuss the outlook for the food and agricultural economy in different regions of the world and, assess comparative advantage of specific industries in international markets.

Students learn about other regions of the world they do not know. For example, they often have clichés about the European Union and realize that many issues are fairly similar in the US and in the EU. From my opinion, somebody can sell products to somebody else only if he knows well the history, culture, way of life …

Nicolas Habert, Purpan Professor

“Each international instructor in AGEC 710 brought his own unique set of issues and information to the discussion, pertinent to the region he represented, which gave a refreshingly authentic flavor to each segment. The format gave a healthy alternative to the American view of everything, and left me with a greatly improved understanding of the complex dynamics of global agriculture and agribusiness.”

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