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Global Agribusiness Education Network

The Global Agribusiness Education Network (GAEN) is a consortium of international educators interested in expanding the base of knowledge of the global food and agricultural system. The consortium grew out of the Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems course offered by the Master of Agribusiness program developed by Kansas State University. The course & the consortium have expanded and continue to grow. Current partners include instructors from the United States, Brazil, France, Russia, New Zealand, India, Thailand and Uganda. Each partner has developed ag educational modules which offer first-hand knowledge of the important trends and issues in the region in which they reside. Regions currently included through the partnership include: the MERCOSUR, Russia and the Former Soviet Union, Oceania, the European Union, South Asia, East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and North America. These modules are available to each partner for classroom use.

For more information on the Future Trends Affecting Agriculture & Agribusiness, please watch this video by Dr. Allen Featherstone of Kansas State University (41 minutes):

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